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  • Time of issue:2020-11-11 08:25:22
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The predecessor of Nanjing Electric (former Nanjing Electric Porcelain Factory) was the Central Electric Porcelain Factory of the Kuomintang Resources Committee, which was founded in 1936. The company is a high-voltage electric porcelain factory in the history of my country's electrical appliance industry, and it is also the birthplace of China's tempered glass insulators, capacitor bushings and spark plugs. The company has won the title of National Machinery Industry Advanced Group and Machinery Industry Modern Management Enterprise, and won the special prize of China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Progress twice, and has been selected as one of China's top 500 machinery companies and China's industrial industry pioneers for many years.
In 2005, the company was restructured from a state-owned enterprise to a private enterprise, and the shareholder was Guangzhou Baiyun Electric Group. In order to meet the needs of power construction, especially the construction of UHV projects and smart grids, and accelerate industrial development, Baiyun Electric relies on the old Nanjing Electric District to invest in the construction of Nanjing Economic and Technological Development Zone covering an area of 350,000 square meters and a building area of 190,000 square meters. In the new electric area, Nanjing Electric Insulator Co., Ltd., Nanjing Electric High-voltage Bushing Co., Ltd. and other enterprises are established to specialize in the research and development and production of various insulators and high-voltage bushings, and rely on the park to build the East China headquarters of Baiyun Electric. The first phase of the project was fully completed and put into production in 2015. The new line of glass components project was ignited and put into production in 2016.
Nanjing Electric has a testing center for insulators and high-voltage electrical products, a glass insulator engineering technology center for machinery industry, and an engineering technology research center for ultra- and UHV bushings in Jiangsu Province that have passed the "laboratory certification" of the National Accreditation Service. Raiden brand glass, composite and porcelain insulators, oil type, glass fiber and glue-impregnated paper high-voltage capacitor bushings for electrical engineering construction. The products cover the domestic market and are exported to more than 70 countries and regions in the world. In particular, Nanjing Electric’s LD brand tempered glass insulators have a production history of more than 60 years from 1958 to the present. The cumulative sales volume has exceeded 100 million pieces, accounting for one-half of the country and one-sixth of the world. The products have been adopted by 24 UHV lines, including "West-to-East Power Transmission", "Anhui-East Power Transmission", "Xinjiang Power Transmission", "Shaanxi Power Transmission", "Mongolia Power Transmission", and "North Power Transmission to South Contributions to the construction of national key projects such as “power supply”, as well as the “Belt and Road” construction and global power development.